What is Wicked Club Crawl?

Club Crawl, Pub Crawl, Party Tour, Nightclub Tour whatever you want to call it, Wicked Club Crawl is all about providing you and your friends with an unbelievable night out in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. We have a team of fully trained party professionals and a party tour host to make sure you have the night of your life. Accompanied by private security for your safety and a professional nightclub photographer to capture all the fun! We are here to ensure you get the VIP treatment that you deserve.

What time and where does it start?

All you need to do is bring your Wicked Club Crawl ticket with you to the meeting point, Surfers Paradise Beer Garden located on the corner of Cavill Ave & Orchid Avenue every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday night for a 6:30pm start. Our staff will give you a wrist band to keep on for the entire night, then all you have to do is sit back and have a good time and let us take care of the rest. With over 15 years’ experience in the party tour industry you can be sure that we are the best in the business when it comes to taking care of our guests.

How do you get from club to club?

Wicked Club Crawl is a walking tour. The fully trained professional party hosts will guide you from club to club. You don't need to worry about a thing we take care of it all for you. Our staff will be positioned on roads and at any twist and turn to make sure you are guided from club to club in a fun and safe manner.

Can I meet the group later?

Yes, you can meet up with the group later. However, we do encourage you to join from the beginning so you can get the full Wicked Club Crawl experience and all the included value! Your Wicked Club Crawl sales representative will let you know what times we will be at each club so that you know where to finds us if you need to catch up with the group at a later time.

What time do you get to the last nightclub?

Approximately 10.20pm, however your night does not have to end there. You are free to stay in the last venue or head back to the other venues you have been to already. Some venues have different policy’s regarding re-entry, we recommend that if you wish to re-enter a venue you have already been to, try and do so before 11.00pm just to be safe.

How do we know when it's time to leave each club?

Our Wicked Club Crawl MC will announce on the microphone a 15, 10 and 5-minute warning call before we are due to leave each club. Then the Wicked Club Crawl staff will come around and let you know that we are moving on. A staff member stays behind at each venue until everyone has left......and ladies, we even check the toilets. The staff are always in the clubs, so you can ask at any time when we are leaving and what club we are going to next.

What kind of people go on Wicked Club Crawl?

Wicked Club Crawl is for everyone, because everyone is a little wicked. We entertain singles, couples, birthdays, hens parties, bucks parties, footy trips, girls night out, tourists from all over the world, locals, and interstate holiday-goers, the list goes on. Get together with friends or come along and make some new ones because anyone and everyone can experience the Surfers Paradise nightlife with Australia's number 1 party tour!

What if I purchase a ticket but can't make it?

Don't worry… your Wicked Club Crawl ticket does not expire and you can use it any Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night throughout the year. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds if you are unable to attend the guided tour or if you change your mind on any Wicked Club Crawl purchases, but would love to take you out another night. Wicked Club Crawl operates around our terms and conditions. Our refund policy is based on Australian Consumer Law. Click the link to view our terms and conditions http://www.wickedclubcrawl.com.au/terms_of_service.html

What is the minimum number of people I can book for?

You can book for 1 person if you’re riding solo! Wicked Club Crawl takes anywhere between 100 to 400 party people each night, so if you want to come along and meet new people then this is the way to do it.

What is the maximum number of people I can book for?

Wicked Club Crawl can take up to 400 people on each party tour and has the capacity to run more than one tour per night. So the sky is the limit. If you have a large group be sure to contact our group booking specialist info@wickedclubcrawl.com.au to find out more.

What do I need to wear?

Surfers Paradise nightclubs all have strict dress code policies:
Guys - No visible tattoos allowed. Hand/neck/face tattoos MUST be completely covered sothey are not visible. The venues will deny entry if they can see them. Long trousers (no shorts) & closed toe shoes.
Guys & Girls- No sportswear allowed. This includes sports branded shirts & shoes. Nobeanies/ hats/ thongs or flip flops/ hoodies.
Whilst they’re not our rules the Wicked Club Crawl must follow the strict entry requirements for each nightclub. This is clearly stated within our terms and conditions.

What identification do I need?

At all times, you must have your valid photo identification on your person. You need to bring a valid ID, this MUST be an Australian drivers licence or 18+ card, international passport or international drivers licence in complete English. If you are unsure please bring your passport.

Will I be asked for Identification at every club?

Yes, you will be asked for identification at every nightclub. You MUST bring a valid ID, this means an Australian drivers licence or Australian 18+ card or International Passport. If you are unsure please bring your passport. Each nightclub has its own security and must follow the Queensland liquor licensing law and their own terms and conditions regardless of you being with a group (Liquor Act 1992).

IHow do the new Queensland Licensing Laws affect the crawl?

As Surfers Paradise is a Safe Night Precinct there is a mandatory ID scanning system when entering any bars, pubs and clubs after 10pm. This means when entering the last venue for the night it may take us little longer to get you all in, sometimes on busier nights we will split in half to maximise your time inside the clubs. But ultimately, it has little effect on what is an absolute Wicked night out! See more information on QLD Licensing Laws.

I have more friends that want to join the party

No problem, we wouldn't want your friends to miss out! Call the sales representative on your ticket and or talk to the tour hosts on the night about adding someone onto your group.

What if I have Large Visible Tattoos?

Unfortunately, we do not make the rules... all large visible tattoos on men must be covered up to enter the nightclubs in Surfers Paradise.
Guys - no visible tattoos allowed. Absolutely no hand tattoos, and neck tattoos MUST be completely covered so they are not visible.

Is the tour the same Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Night?

No, we mix it up every night to ensure you all have a fun and different experience with us! Different schedule, different party games, but everything you love about Wicked every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday night!

Where do I get the photos?

Yep, our professional nightlife photographers take heaps of shots of your Wicked Night Out. Simply visit the Wicked Club Crawl Facebook page where we upload the photos every week by Tuesday at the latest.

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